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Posted by Ganesh | 2019-07-11

Data Center Modernization

-   Hybrid Cloud Solution
   Helping Customer for managing there on-premise infrastructure investment and moving there
  some part of application to cloud for performance and scalability.

-   Network, Compute and Storage Solutions on Cloud
   Helping customer to decide the Cloud based infrastructure to overcome the limitations of existing IT architectures. Customer application or business
   can be moved completely to cloud giving them operational benefits and cost benefits.

-  Containerization
   Containers are modern way of shipping application. Instead of virtualizing the hardware stack as with the virtual machines approach, containers
   virtualize at the operating system level, with multiple containers running on top of the OS kernel directly. Containers work best for service based
   architectures. Consistent Runtime Environment, Application Sandboxing, Isolation are some of the benefits of Containers.

-   DevOps Solutions
   DevOps process when applied to your platform or software development gives you benefit of not worrying on deployment, configuration,
  monitoring and infrastructure management. DevOps tools will help us to create a process which works best for the team.

Application Modernization
-   Cloud Based Architecture consulting for any Enterprise Application
   o  Ability to quickly create and deploy mission critical Web apps that scale with your business.
   o  Ability to automate the access and use of data across clouds without writing code.
   o  Ability to easily build and consume Cloud APIs.
   o  Ability to publish APIs to developers, partners and employees securely and at scale.
   o  Ability to implement Single sign-on across your cloud applications with Integration with your on-premises Active Directory.
   o  Ability to Safeguard access to your data and apps with an extra level of authentication.
   o  Ability to provide data analytics solution to Ingest, persist, and process millions of events per second.

Our Skills on Azure and DevOps
  -   Azure VM setup (Linux VM, Windows VM)
   -  Azure Networking (VNet, Site to Site)
   -  Azure Storage (Blob, Table and Queue)
   -  Azure App Service (Web Workloads like HTML, ASP.NET MVC, NodeJs, AngularJS, Java and PHP)
   -  Azure SQL Server (SQL Solution)
   -  Azure Cosmos DB (NoSQL Solution)
   -  Azure Data Factory (ETL Workflow)
   -  Azure Functions (Server less Functions)
   -  Azure AAD (AAD, AAD B2C)
   -  Azure Power BI (BI based solution)
   -  Azure Service Fabric (Microservices)
   -  Containers (Docker)
   -  Azure Event Hub
   -  Azure Notification Hub
   -  Azure IOT Hub
   -  Stream Analytics
   -  Azure Media Services
   -  VSTS with Build and Release Management (ARM, Powershell, VSTS tasks and CI/CD)
   -  Sonarcube (Quality Gates)
   -  Code Analysis (Quality Gates)
   -  Jenkins (Build and Release Management, CI/CD)
   -  Ansible (Build and Release Management, CI/CD)
   -  ELK (Elastic, Logbash and Kabana for Application Monitoring)

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