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Posted by Ganesh | 2019-07-09

We already know how server virtualization has changed the dimension of the Enterprise IT. Most of the enterprise understood that the technology and capabilities growth is never possible if data and application is constrained by Physical hardware. But gone are those days of on premise server virtualization from last few years we have seen how many companies are moving their virtualized computing environment in to the public cloud converting their CAPEX to OPEX. Now when the time has come for the public cloud, the role of System Admin has also changed, the new role in line with the understanding and practising the cloud architecture has got a huge responsibility to determine which public cloud has the best feature and the cost effective to manage the workload.

Let's start with the basics of why you should and will want to move to the Cloud.
There are mainly 4 reasons from business stand point.
- Cost Saving
- Elasticity
- Scalability
- Ready to Use Platform Services

The above 4 benefits provide a level of improvement for existing systems and applications that can be very hard to ignore. These same improvements can be even more impressive if you were to build a new system or modernize an existing system specifically for the Cloud. The decision to migrate is not really the hard one to make. The tough decision is more around how and what should be migrated based on your existing system inventory and what you may have or need in the future.

For Services Offered in Cloud.... Keep watch on our next blog in this week.

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