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Is your existing software of no use?

Posted by Ganesh | 2018-02-08

Have you ever experienced when a software vendor tells you that the current software you are using is very old and is of no use? You will need to upgrade and go for new software. It is so simple to say this however it is very difficult when it comes to costing for the new software. Did you ever think why the existing software becomes useless, why the existing software does not perform as per your expectation, why does your existing software become slow in response, etc.

The answer to few questions above is simple and interesting. When you say that your existing software does not perform the operations properly does not mean that it has started creating problems now. If there are problems in your application/software then the problem exist since the day you started using the application. It is due to reasons like a growth in number of records or some pre defined data missing which was not used earlier, calculation logic exists however developer did not anticipate the value to be the way they are getting generated now and many other similar reasons makes the software behave sarcastically.

Well there are plenty of reasons for the software not behaving as earlier or rather as expected. What should be the solution to overcome this problem? Obviously the first choice would be to report the issue to the vendor from whom you purchased the software however either the product has been enhanced to such an extent that you would not require the enhancement along with the extra cost. Therefore you need to have an alternative solution to this problem. Here is an alternative solution through which you can expect optimized output without changing the existing software.

We create a web based solution layer for our clients. We analyze the existing database of the software and apply fresh new logic which provides new charts, reports, analysis, sms alerts, email alerts and many more features as per the requirement. This solution eradicates dependency on existing software application and cost of this solution is very low compared to the software application cost you would have to invest and above all, no additional training is required. If you or anyone of your nearby people are facing these types of issues then we can help them for sure. Please ask them to contact us

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