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No need to check with your development team for the possibility of an activity in eLearning course

Posted by Ganesh | 2017-03-09

We all know that producing a very attractive, nice and interactive eLearning course depends on the Instructional Designer. We all have experienced that Instructional designers have to modify storyboard when developers ask them to change activities since they are not achievable in a specific tool. In this ID not only looses momentum however also has to redesign the activity which is waste of time and ID also needs to redesign keeping in mind of the next and previous slides so that it is in sync with the course flow. This is quite embarrassing for Instructional Designer.

In order to create a reference guide for Instructional Designers demonstrating different types of activities in Articulate Storyline, we at ClickAway Solutions have created eLearning module which consists of 25 different activities those can be used in development of an eLearning course. This is also a good reference for developers to help them understand with possibilities of various activities.

We have analyzed what type of activities are mostly used in eLearning industry and which activities are favorable from the Instructional Designer's point of view. We have implemented all these activities in single module. Therefore I request all of you to please share your feedback to me or alternatively you can also write us email to

I hope this would be a good reference guide for all our Instructional Designers and would be beneficial for them in creating nice storyboard. I would appreciate your feedback.

Please click here for box of various activities

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