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Academic Enhancement System for Institute Management-- AES (Student Analytics and Attendance System)

Posted by Ganesh | 2016-06-07

We all very well understand the importance of time however the need to take timely action is something we are not inculcating into our systems. It is observed that approximately 40 to 50 percent students remain absent for the lectures due to some reason. Only 5% students remain absent due to genuine reason whereas remaining absent students intentionally do not attend lectures.

Traditional student attendance methods such as roll calling, paper based attendance are outdated and often lead to unnecessary time spent by teachers and administrators to track and compensate for their limitations. Additionally, with large groups of students manual supervision is also very tough to execute. Therefore, these traditional student tracking methods have loopholes which cannot prevent proxy attendance and attendance tracking errors – all serious problems that have a direct effect on education quality.

Attitude to remain absent to the lectures leads to loss of interest in studies, waste of time, involvement in unwanted activities. This initial step leads to big loss in overall performance of the student and therefore a very bright student thinks of somehow passing the academics even after having capability of securing very good academic record.

Knowing how your students are performing helps you understand what your students are ready for and capable of. As you monitor student performance, you can ensure all have an opportunity for success.

The only way to know if students are learning and making progress to the big goal is to track their performance on assessments. Tracking allows you to clearly organize student results in order to:
• Quickly analyze data and identify the progress and gaps in student and class performance
• Help management to push students toward achieving mastery
• Motivate students to work hard by showing them their progress and what they can do to improve
• Communicate student progress to student parents

Features of Academic Enhancement System (AES)
• Daily, weekly, monthly attendance reports with accuracy
• AES helps in taking proactive decisions and ensure better performance in academics
• AES tracks fulfillment for attendance of student and faculty in Library as per UGC guidelines
• Track analysis of female student login and logout in Ladies hostel
• Details of attendance conveyed to management and student parents through sms or email
• Growth in percentage of students passing the exams along with improvement in marks
• Increase corporate listings for Campus interview resulting in high volume of students placed through Campus selection
• Ensure better quality in learning and therefore increase in flow of students securing admission in the institute
• Individual attention towards every student motivates parents for mouth publicity and in return gain confidence of the parents
• This helps in overall growth of finance due to increase in number of new admissions
• The overall growth leads to gain high reputation of the institute

Commented by sujata | 2017-03-09 10:24:57 |
Ganesh can u also add students opinion about the lecturer after each class.By this u can assess the quality of teaching.Boring lectures is the main cause of absence of students.
Commented by Ganesh | 2017-03-09 10:25:03 |
Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback. Sure we are integrating 360 Degree feedback in the system. Students, Lab assistants, Parents, Principal, Colleague Professors, Management in shot different categories can share there feedback and that can be used as a basis for performance appraisal.

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