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eLearning development expectations from Vendor

Posted by Ganesh | 2016-05-24

Vendor should treat client as member of his own team. This helps the client to entrust upon vendor and gain confidence that his vendor will have smooth execution of the project. When Vendor works as a team only then can understand the seriousness of a particular issue and take action instantly whenever required. Vendor should understand that if something goes wrong, this would impact not only client but also self. Therefore vendor should make sure that all the processes are followed and timely deliverables are achieved.

Expectation from the vendor:

1) Clear communication and proper updates on the execution of the project.
2) Quality output.
3) Timely delivery.
4) Anticipate some changes by the end client.
5) Capable to handle any development issues.
6) Management capability and timely escalation whenever required.
7) Try to ensure that end client is happy with the developed course.

What should vendor avoid doing while development is in progress

1) On small change request, never hesitate to address the change request.
2) If changes are huge, then do not panic. Client is very well aware of this and will understand your concern. Raise your concern politely.
3) Never give commitment, if you are not sure. Make it clear that you are not sure and will get back with more details.
4) Should never miss deadlines which are already committed.

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