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Should we have one version of eLearning course for all devices

Posted by Ganesh | 2015-05-28

This is an important question for people or company who want their Desktop/Laptop/Tablet based eLearning courses to run on mobile device or any device which is less than 7 inch. It is very important to understand that version of desktop or laptop based courses are not feasible to access on mobile device. Please advice if this is incorrect.

We should thoroughly analyze if we really need the users to take the course on mobile device. If yes will the same version of the course of that of desktop/laptop/tablet be feasible on mobile device. Course duration or seat time is also an aspect to be considered for taking the course on mobile device.

My view is to have different version developed for the mobile based course or for a course accessed on the screen size of less than 7 inch. This course needs to be developed keeping in mind points like user friendliness, informative with good images, less descriptive, simple interactivity, etc. Courses of seat time of approximately 15 to 20 minutes are appropriate on mobile device.

I would appreciate your comments therefore please advice with your comments on your view to develop single course for desktop/laptop/tablet and mobile device or devices less than 7 inch screen size. Is this feasible for users taking course on mobile device with screen size less than 7 inch?

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