What is AES useful for?

Do you want to improve the quality of teaching and education for your students in the institution? AES is the best tool to organize effective teaching standards and make sure that maximum students get the advantage of the valuable information shared by Professor during the lecture in the institution. Please find our Biometric Student attendance software to enhance the teaching and produce quality in teaching standards with professional goals for teachers.



  • 90% Increase in Student Attendance for Lectures and other Academic activities.

  • 50% Increase in Student Admissions with use of this system.

  • 100% Increase in Communication with Parents or Guardians of Students.

  • 80% Increase in Productivity of Professors in the college.

  • Substantial Increase in Passing Ratio of the students in the Institution.

  • Substantial Increase in Campus Interviews held in the Institution.

  • Increase NAAC Grade (CGPA) with use of this system.

  • Why are Professors required for clerical task?

    It is observed that such qualified Professors are under utilized in the institution by assigning clerical task to them.
    Instead Professors need to be engaged in Research and Development, Innovative Concepts, Motivational subjects for the students, Counseling of the student’s and many more good and useful subjects.
    This will not only help the students however Institutes and Professors both would be able to upscale and set higher expectations for themselves.
    This is what, the actual growth of the Institution and AES will help you to achieve your success.

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